Why Not…Try a New Do

Once a year, ironically around the same time every year (that time being now) I go through a crisis of sorts. It’s a crisis of the “Blehs”. My job seems “bleh’, my social life seems “bleh”, my exercise routine is “bleh”……..everything just seems “bleh”. Life becomes, for lack of a better word, B-O-R-I-N-G. I get fidgety and get the impulse to add some sort of “meaning to my life”.

BUT through much trial and error I have learned that instead of reenrolling in school and taking Organic Chemistry & Anatomy/Physiology because I’m “inspired” to become a Physicians Assistant (AKA: my idea of what “doing something with my life” looks like) it’s time for a new Hair Do.

Yes, I know…I have come to some pretty crazy conclusions, just to realize that all I needed was a new hair style. I will admit that my rationale and judgement is not always the clearest….I just need a little change from time to time. Don’t worry though, I’m catching on……I’m still young 😉

So the time has come. The whole “past the shoulder/covering my boobs” hair length/natural color is boring me…..and usually ends up in a bun. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my long hair and the fact that I can just “throw it up in a pony”, whenever it gets in the way. So maybe this time around i just need a new color? Some bangs? Maybe layers?

Two years ago (I didn’t do anything with my hair last year……wow I’m overdue) I chopped off ten inches and I loved it! It was cute, short, sassy…..I was a confident and independent woman! But, I missed being able to throw it up in a bun and calling it a day. SO we’re keeping the length. That leaves, color, bangs, and layers as options…..ok let’s cut out layers. I am just not feeling them this time around and the idea of having “loosey goosey”pieces flying out of my pony, isn’t exactly thrilling me. So that leaves bangs and a new color.

So here’s some of my ideas/brainstorming! After rocking an ombre a couple years ago, I am thinking of giving it another go around. They are a lot of upkeep but SO FUN! I am not 100% sure on the whole bangs idea but I am thinking about. Let me know what you all think!






These are a few ideas that I have been thinking of trying out/are the change I am in need of!

Let us know what you ladies are looking forward to try as we swing into the spring & summer season! Don’t be scared to take a risk this year……remember that if it doesn’t work out, it’ll eventually grow out 😉

Cheers to change & new hairstyle!



Why Not…. Paint the Town Red

They happen way too often. Those days when all you want to do is lounge in comfy yoga pants and and not worry about looking in a mirror. In my case, it’s sporting the messy hair bun….. sometimes I just can’t bring myself to pull out the blow dryer, curling iron and styling products so throwing my hair up in a bun is usually the answer. Some call it messy, I prefer to see it as “effortless styles”…. so there.

But every so often we need a little spice in our lives and something to make us feel good. So with that in mind let’s try tackling those lounge-y days with a color that speaks for itself.

Red is such a vibrant look at me shade that even the slightest bit commands attention. So this week I encourage you to choose one signature piece in your wardrobe and paint it with the color of love, passion and fierceness. And obviously rock it like Beyonce 😉

1. Red Manicure 


2. Red Lipstick


3. Red Shoes 


4. Red Dress 



5. Red Handbag 


Remember that it’s the little things that make life fabulous…. and wonderful fashion helps 😉

Happy Tuesday!


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Why Not… Choose A Signature Scent

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 3.22.13 PM

I recently came across an article online titled Things To Do Before Turning 30 and by “came across” I really mean “intentionally Googled” and by “recently” I mean “every day since I turned 25. And now I’m 25…. and 26 months” but nonetheless, I read the article. Thankfully, I found that I had already checked off most of the items on this proverbial 20-Somethings To Do Life List: Take a road trip with friends (there should be fine print on this one warning you about car sickness and stopping for random Mexican food) Bake a cake from scratch just because (Yeah, that would be every Valentine’s Day spent sans date. Obviously) Take a random class (Real Estate school counts, right?) Buy a timeless coat (I’ll thank my brother’s department store employee discount for that one) and so on.

One of the items on the list suggested that we find our favorite perfume and this one I actually really liked. Growing up, wearing perfume seemed like one of the many privileges of adulthood  and becoming a woman…. so sophisticated and refined. There’s something about spraying on a wonderful fragrance that is instantly sexy. Yes, I said it- Sexy! Our teen years were for being cute and exploring the wonderful & fruity world of Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret body sprays but as we travel beyond those years it’s more than okay to embrace the sexy 😉

So….. why not find your signature sent? Choosing a fragrance can be  baffling because it is such a subjective taste, so here are a few favorites to start with:

1. Mademoiselle by COCO Chanel 


This fragrance is the definition of the Chanel style…. Chic and Elegant. The fresh scent is appropriate for both day and evening use.

2. Bright Crystal by Versace 


Are you a floral lover? This fragrance is perfectly filled with a warmer peony and amber scent. The lightness of it is great for everyday wear.

3. Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana 


One of my personal favorites! Dolce & Gabbana really tapped into timeless, polished style with this one. Think Victoria Beckham sophisticate, definitely more of an evening wear.

4. Rosabotanica by BALENCIAGA 


Not so much a rose scent fan? This fragrance can be your BFF…. although it really is a hit or miss. Filled with green, earthy notes you’ll either love or hate the stronger and straight to the point botanical scent.

5. Brit Eau de Parfum by Burberry 


Another non-floral fragrance. Burberry combined their simple yet refined style to develop this lime, pear and sugared-almond scent. Perfect for day or evening use.

There are tons of amazing fragrances out there to cater to every style and preference. Take a trip to your local Sephora or department store this weekend and gather samples….. and as usual, we’d love to hear any of your favorites!

So cheers to embracing the inner sexy in all of us….. Holla!


WHY NOT…… Get to Know Your City


Happy Tuesday! As we continue with the “motivation” theme this week, we are excited to present our first regular series on the blog! The Why Not series will be posted every Tuesday and will be filled with plenty of inspiration…. from everyday life to kicking things up a notch and being fabulous 😉 Why, you ask? Well….. why not? It’s easy to feel stuck in the daily routine so why not do a little something to spruce things up! We are all for sprucing around here, so let’s get started….

This week, Why Not Get To Know Your City? 

1. Try A New Restaurant 

When it came to eating out, I used to refer to myself as a “repeat offender” which basically means that I would go to the exact same restaurants and order the exact same food. I already knew what I liked and had the guarantee that I wouldn’t be dissapointed….. so if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Well, sometimes it isn’t a matter of fixing things, it’s more of an upgrade that is needed. Cheers to upgrades! So try something new this week – google the top restaurants in your city, ask a coworker where they like to dine out, or simply drive 5 miles away from home and see what’s around. There are far too many cuisines out there to stick with pizza on a Friday night 😉


2. Take A New Route Home 

Sometimes the best gems are found not across the world, but simply a block away. Take a new route home this week….. maybe drive down a different street, exit the train on the stop before yours, anything to change your everyday commute. You’ll be surprised at the new places you’ll find along the way. Perhaps an awesome book store, or a cute little park to take a Sunday stroll in. See where the journey takes you!


3. Check Out The Local Events

Visit your city’s website and browse the event calendar. Most cities host different events a few times month, like concerts at the local park, flea markets on Saturday morning, classes at the city event hall, etc. Most of the events are affordable if not free…. so take advantage! Mingle with locals and make new friends. If you’re single, you may just run into Prince Charming. Just saying 😉


Home is a beautiful place so enjoy your city and take it for all it has to offer.



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