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Meet Kelsey….


Well Hello There,
     I’m Kelsey….the biggest dreamer you will meet, quirky out of the box thinker, inspiring crafter and DIY creator, baking, cooking, and eating enthusiast, & newly wed. I have been asked to tell you, the amazing & beautiful reader, a little myself. So where do I begin…I will first say that it is a little daunting for me to think that I am introducing myself on the internet. I admit that I am the least technologically savvy person you will ever meet. I like pinterest & instagram…and that’s about all the technology a girl needs….right? 😉 But really…I’m the girl in the class that still takes notes on paper and raises her hand to ask the teacher to repeat the last sentence they said…I’m just a more hands on person….and support bookstores!
     I strive for a natural & healthy lifestyle and love being active! Take me on a hidden trail that leads us to a waterfall and I will love you forever. Nature is perfect……especially succulents. They’re like the cherry on top to nature’s ice cream sundae. I know what you’re thinking…oh great she’s another girl that eats green leaves and uses no sugar in her recipes…I do try these things but I will tell you that there is truly no better thing than a chocolate chip cookie that melts in your mouth….with all the sugar and butter that could feed a nation.
     So you are probably thinking to yourself, when the heck does weddings come into this picture….that’s now. Weddings are EVERYTHING! I have been looking at bridal magazines since I was 8 years old. I used to make my parents buy them for me every time we went to the store. I would spend hours looking at the pictures of the dress, the groom, the venue……I was OBSESSED. I told myself that I would become an elite wedding planner & rule the wedding world…..I would breath, eat, & sleep weddings…like J-Lo in The Wedding Planner…….So did it happen?? Of course not! I ended up graduating high school, going college, reuniting with my husband after two years of not seeing each other….dated for five months, got engaged, four months later married and now I am here….and the wedding experience I have comes from the countless hours of bridal magazine viewing throughout my childhood, the thousands of hours spent on pinterest pinning and four months of planning my own wedding. I never believed that my wedding dreams would ever come true but you know what they say…when one door closes, one another opens. So I’m leaping through this door and excited to embark on this journey with you!
Au revoir for now,

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