Stop & Smell the Roses


It has come to my attention, that life has been a bit crazy. Here at With Grace & Style we have been go, go, go, GO!, because life happens! People get married, people have babies, graduations come, promotions come…life happens…….QUICKLY. We’re here a second and gone the next.

Sometimes I feel like I graduated from high school just yesterday then realize…..that was three years ago….THREE YEARS AGO??!! It came and went in a f-l-a-s-h. Like, I blinked and it was over….

It’s so true what parents say, “Enjoy it now, because it will only last for a minute..” I look back and laugh at my sixteen year old self. I wanted SO BADLY to be out of high school, out in the real world working a 9 to 5 office job, and on my own. HAHA!! I was so naive!!

Now a days, I found myself giving every high schooler I know the whole “enjoy it while you can, cuz the real world sucks” lecture. How ironic…..I bet the Big Man upstairs probably gets a good laugh out of me now & then.

So what’s my point?

The last couple of weeks I have had to make some grown up decisions, making me feel more like a grown up……making “The Real World”more (I can think of no better word) sucky.

Who knew health insurance costs more than my rent?? Who knew that a 401k meant that you were investing in something…all the sudden I’m an investor? The government takes HOW MUCH of my money?? AND who knew that tires could cost SO FREAKING MUCH.

And this is what I work my butt off for? I spent thousands of dollars in school just to work at a job that will take up more than half if my life. In my book, everyone is considered as a “workaholic” because it’s the way society says we should be. We should be enslaved to our jobs. I did the math…and as they say, “numbers don’t lie”…

We are given 168 hours a week. On average, we may spend 40-41 hours physically at work but once your mind is off the subject (far worse for business owners) you end up spending between 50-60 hours consumed with your work life. That’s an average of 12 hours a day cognitively thinking about work.

So then you get home and have a few (at most 5) hours then are off to sleep. This takes away another 7-8 hours of your day. So I like a good 8 hours. That adds another 56 hours, subtracted from your week. We’re now down to 52 hours for yourself. That’s only 30% of your times….think about it. Out of the 168 hours given in a week you only get 30% of that time to just….BE….

So here’s my point:

Life is short. Life is spent working hard to spend only a small percentage of it to do what ever it is that makes you happy. No matter how hard we work, you’ll always be paying an arm & leg just to fill up your gas tank and paying WAY too much for paper towels (I appreciate paper towels a whole lot more now a days)…..

SO STOP & SMELL THE ROSES MY FRIENDS! Take time to sit and slow down. Enjoy every moment that life brings because it’s the little things like smelling the roses, that matter. We’re here & then gone the next.

So cheers, to smelling as many darn roses as possible!




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