“Ring by Spring”


In small private colleges, or any college for that matter, there is a popular saying that many young ladies OBSESS over, during their first semester of school. It describes young ladies that attend colleges to get their “MRS” degree…….What? We can’t help it..some of us women were just made to get married. It’s what our “dream” is……it fulfills us. Plus, who says you can’t go to school and be married…it’s a free country right? (PLUS colleges are prone to giving more financial aide to young married couples, just an FYI 😉 )

After attending a year at BIOLA, a small and private college, the saying “Ring by Spring” was one that I became all too familiar with. Given, I was not dating anyone at the time, therefore making the concept foreign, but I understood the gist of it. Girl goes to college, meets the guy she has been waiting her entire life for, girl and guy date, fall in Love, & come spring time (or preferably before) guy proposes to girl.

For some it’s a concept they don’t want to think about until after graduating. For others it’s a dream come true. Being that I am quite the Romantic type, I believe in the later…..in fact I encourage it! Many of my own friends were the true definition of the “Ring by Spring” theory and they have never been happier in their life.

Here as the G&S Family we love, LOVE! Especially, Young Love! We could be partial because one of us married younger in life but Love is Love and it’s what we believe in!

So with this belief we want to introduce our “Ring by Spring” Campaign! We know that getting engaged and married young comes with a lot of big responsibilities and many MANY new & big finances (yes we are saying this from experience). With this being said we want to give away one Mini Engagement shoot & styling to a young and deserving couple! For the rest of you “Young Love Birds” out there, we will be having promotional pricing for mini engagement shoots, as well.

Now I know you’re probably asking yourself, “What do I have to do?” First, log on to your instagram and follow us @withgraceandstyle. Second, repost our “Ring by Spring” post and tag us, as well of any of your friends who you think would be interested! Lastly, leave us a comment here on how you and your Soul Mate met and why guys need this Engagement session giveaway.

We are so excited to hear all of your love stories and look forward to working with one very special couple! Happy Wedding Wednesday!




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