WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Choosing Your Bridesmaids….


You got engaged. The Wedding Planning has begun. You’ve started looking at dresses, ceremony and reception locations, you’re doing research online…. and then it comes. That moment to choose your Bridal Party. Decisions, decisions!

For the Groom it always seems to be as easy as choosing a cereal in the morning. The asking part is even quicker….. “Hey, so, want to be in my Wedding? Yeah? Sweet.” and that’s that. Your future husband has his Groomsmen lined up and is on to more important things, like deciding what to have for dinner.

Choosing your Bridesmaids is a whole other story! It’s a calculated decision that’s close to heart…. and with all important decisions seems to come frustration, anxiety and panic (you know, like that feeling you get while at the MAC cosmetics store looking through the eyeshadows. Which of the 30,000 will you buy?! Important decisions like that!) So take a breath because here are a few personal tips to remember while choosing the best of the best to be by your side on that special day:

Your Wedding Means Just As Much To Her As It Does To You

The old rule of thumb was to ask your relatives (and Groom’s relatives) to be part of the Bridal Party, but times have changed. Weddings have stepped away from the “Traditional” route and have embraced the “Personal” approach of each couple.  Your Bridesmaids will be with you not only on your actual Wedding Day but during the bridal events that come before….. their attitude makes a difference. Choose the girls that you know in your heart will be happy to be there, will look past any Bridezillaness (which of course you’ll do your best to prevent, obvs!) and aren’t likely to bring the day/mood down. They may not be genetically related, but you’d never know it from their joy for you!

She Wants To Participate In Your Bridal Events 

There’s a big difference between wanting to be somewhere than feeling obligated to be somewhere. Don’t get me wrong…. but Bridesmaid dress shopping and fittings aren’t everyones cup of tea. I’m not saying that they should be ecstatic to be there, but there should be some sort of desire at heart to be happy to be there for you. So be honest with yourself and keep your friends personal feelings in mind as well. If there is someone who you know would rather be cheering for you on the day of, with the rest of your guests (and probably get the best guest award) then be understanding of that and don’t pressure them to be a Bridesmaid or be offended if they choose to pass….. this title is simply not for everyone. So let the ones who truly want it enjoy it 🙂

You Personally Tell Her About Your Life 

Through the lovely world of social media, we have the ability to share our lives with such detail that our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends feel like they see us everyday. Still, there are those women that you personally reach out to and spill all the details with. They’re there for Girls Night Out, they knew you got engaged because you told them rather then just seeing a photo posted online, they celebrate your work promotions with you, your family knows them, they’ve seen you laugh and cry…. possibly at the same time 😉 Your Wedding Day is a momentous and personal time that should be shared by the ladies that are present in your life at that moment. Perhaps you haven’t seen each other in a while due to distance, but the relationship remains just as strong. And remember…. bathroom trips in Wedding dresses can be tricky! You’ll only trust your closest girls for help 😉


Most importantly…. have fun and enjoy the moment! There are lots of ideas out there on how to ask your Bridesmaids to be a part of your Wedding Party so go all out with the invites 🙂 It will be an eventful journey ahead so be sure to document every step of the way by creating your own hashtag! That right there can be your first official Bridesmaid assignment…. have your girls make sure everyone is hashtagging! You’re welcome 😉



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