Monday Inspiration..

Happy Monday Beaus!

Even though I dislike Monday, just as much as the average American, I decided to use this angst that I have towards this Day and turn it into a positive thing. I am channeling my negativity into positivity……PLUS it’s “Monday Inspiration” and we’re talking a little about homes!

This weekend Josh and I looked at houses! We are a long while away from actually buying a house, but it’s always fun to look. Buying a house is the next goal that Josh and I have as a couple but it takes a lot of time, money, insurance, more money, and then even a little bit more money……we have time right? 😉

Looking at houses was a great for Josh and I because we both got to point out the types of styles we liked and didn’t like. I think this is a great activity for any couple to do. It may be that you and your significant other have very different tastes and ideas when it comes to creating a home together. Decorating (depending on the man) can turn into a bigger battle then you would ever expect. I would explore the idea now to see what you are in for……at the end of the day though, hopefully he will understand that “women know best” when it comes to making your house a home. 😉

It turns out that both Josh and I imagine ourselves in the same home. You could pretty much sum it up as: Country Living! Yeeeehaaww!

Here are some pics that have me drooling and itching to get into a home ASAP!

Screen shot 2012-10-15 at 1.28.38 PM


Both Josh and I agree that a front porch is A MUST for us 🙂 Nothing like sipping lemonade on a porch swing..

Desigrans Collection Rustic style DP_Darnell-White-Cottage-Kitchen_s3x4_lg

Both of these kitchens are really a dream! The lighting….to die for!!


The idea of a door going from the kitchen to our garden (because we will have a garden) makes me so happy!


AHHH……I just want to take a bath in both of these tubs!! Don’t you?


So these are ideas of what my dream home would be like! As you can tell I am a bit obsessed with white, natural lighting, and wood….country all in itself!

Now that you know what we love as a couple, let us know what your dream home would be!! Happy Monday!



Photo Creds: Links are attached to each photo

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