WHY NOT…… Get to Know Your City


Happy Tuesday! As we continue with the “motivation” theme this week, we are excited to present our first regular series on the blog! The Why Not series will be posted every Tuesday and will be filled with plenty of inspiration…. from everyday life to kicking things up a notch and being fabulous 😉 Why, you ask? Well….. why not? It’s easy to feel stuck in the daily routine so why not do a little something to spruce things up! We are all for sprucing around here, so let’s get started….

This week, Why Not Get To Know Your City? 

1. Try A New Restaurant 

When it came to eating out, I used to refer to myself as a “repeat offender” which basically means that I would go to the exact same restaurants and order the exact same food. I already knew what I liked and had the guarantee that I wouldn’t be dissapointed….. so if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Well, sometimes it isn’t a matter of fixing things, it’s more of an upgrade that is needed. Cheers to upgrades! So try something new this week – google the top restaurants in your city, ask a coworker where they like to dine out, or simply drive 5 miles away from home and see what’s around. There are far too many cuisines out there to stick with pizza on a Friday night 😉


2. Take A New Route Home 

Sometimes the best gems are found not across the world, but simply a block away. Take a new route home this week….. maybe drive down a different street, exit the train on the stop before yours, anything to change your everyday commute. You’ll be surprised at the new places you’ll find along the way. Perhaps an awesome book store, or a cute little park to take a Sunday stroll in. See where the journey takes you!


3. Check Out The Local Events

Visit your city’s website and browse the event calendar. Most cities host different events a few times month, like concerts at the local park, flea markets on Saturday morning, classes at the city event hall, etc. Most of the events are affordable if not free…. so take advantage! Mingle with locals and make new friends. If you’re single, you may just run into Prince Charming. Just saying 😉


Home is a beautiful place so enjoy your city and take it for all it has to offer.



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