Monday Inspiration…


Hello hello! I hope all you ladies had a lovely VDay weekend! Mine was so fab and was spent in the beautiful San Francisco City with my hubs! He’s really the best, planning a whole surprise trip together for Valentine’s Day and everything……I feel like the luckiest girl alive to be able to spend forever with him 😉  (I will post  on our trip, later this week)

So we are back at it again to another work week……..and reality. Coming back from spending a weekend in a beautiful, bustling city, I can’t help but feel inspired. There were so many people going so many places…it’s as if you can be whoever you want to be and do what ever you want to do. You may be another face in the crowd, but at least you are apart of the crowd…you belong. (Yes this all sounds cheesy but really….being in the city made my creative juices flow which led to this post… just keep reading!)

So onto Mondays. The majority of all Americans seem to be uninspired/depressed/want to just crawl in a dark corner on Mondays. Why is that? Why are Mondays so……..horrible? Think about it…..yea it is the beginning of the work week and end of the weekend BUT it is also the beginning of a new week and ENDLESS possibilities…

Keeping this in mind, to beat these Monday blues, I created “Monday Inspiration”(or something of that sort) for myself. I realized that if I was inspired on Mondays, I would be so much more productive throughout my week. Instead of waiting to get my creative juices running on Tuesday or Wednesday, only giving me about two days to be productive with my week (Lord knows I get nothing done on the weekends), I should start with Mondays! So, I’m starting this Monday.

Two weeks ago I posted on how, as a little girl, I remember exactly the first time that I saw a Wedding Dress. Since then, I have had the vast dream and ambition to create a wedding dress one day. Visiting San Francisco this weekend, was the last push I needed to actually GO and DO IT! (Like Nike, JUST DO IT!)


So people, with my little to zero designing/sewing experience I am going to create a wedding dress……(cricket, cricket)……yes the task seems daunting and yes it will take a while, but I am going to do it!

Keep in mind, this will be nothing EXTRAVAGANT like a Vera Wang or Monique Lhuillier, nor will it be perfectly sewn or designed but I must do it. Not only has it been a dream to do it but I have the desire and passion to do it! I just need to!

So what does this mean for you readers? It means that I will be keeping you updated on how my dress is progressing and little milestones that we accomplish. For now though, it is to the design board for ideas and inspiration.

So tell me, what are your aspirations and dreams?

Happy Monday Lovies!


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