A Girl & Her Prince Charming


Yesterday marked Josh and I’s four month anniversary of being married. Let me just say that it has been the most amazing four months of my life! I absolutely LOVE being married and especially to my best friend!

With this date so close to Valentine’s Day I was feeling a little extra “Lovey Dovey” and was inspired to share our love story because it truly is like a fairytale…..well at least for me 😉

So let me set the scene for you: It’s the year 2000….I was 8 years old, a hell raiser, and more obnoxious then a room full of hungry puppies. Nothing scared me and I scared everything else.

Growing up with two brothers I knew nothing about girls or dolls and knew everything about climbing tress, riding bikes, breaking windows (this happened a lot), and playing sports. Boys were my friends and my only friends……until I met Josh.


So back to the year 2000……I was sitting on the floor of my play room, playing with legos when a little blonde boy walked in. All of the sudden I got nervous and started feeling weird things in my tummy……I was nervous to talk to this boy! (obviously they were butterflies!) He introduced himself as Josh and was at my house for the Home Fellowship that my parents hosted every other Friday night. I told him I was Kelsey and that I wanted to show him my toy box full of barbies that I had ripped the heads off of……from that moment on he persisted to make me laugh the rest of the night.

Now let’s fast forward to the end of Junior High and going into High School, because everything between Josh and I that happened was nothing but little crushes and the awkwardness that is guaranteed with Junior High (which no one cares to remember). It’s 2006 and the summer going into High School. It was a warm June evening in the mountains on a Youth Retreat. We were all gathered in our evening meeting counting down the seconds until it was time to break for free time. I was sitting with some of my friends looking around when I saw a boy STARING at me. Having that awkward “I caught you staring at me” feeling, I turned away only to look back and find him still staring . Feeling a little creeped out, I literally ran out of the room once we were dismissed. I retreated with my friends to the swing set and began to forget the whole scenario. After a few minutes of swinging though, we noticed a dark figure walking towards us. It finally reached up to us and I realized that it was the same boy that had been staring at me during the meeting. That is when I realized that it was Josh. After a few moments of awkward hellos, hugging and talking I felt that feeling in my stomach again…..this guy was not just another friend. After a few days of talking and a few more weeks of seeing each other, Josh became my first boyfriend.

It was a great six months together with high school dances and football games, until we broke up. Going to separate schools and being Freshmen with no car, made it too hard to keep the relationship going. I was DEVASTATED but at the end of the day, it was the right thing.

Now I am going to be completely honest with all of you ladies and say that I was truly in love with Josh. He has and always will be the only person that I have ever been in love with and in my heart (even at the age of 14) I knew that one day I would marry him.

So two years past with only a few to no “run ins” with Josh. I tried to talk to other guys and date, but deep inside I knew that I was still in love with Josh. This continued until Junior year going into Senior Year. Again, Josh and I somehow ended up going to a Conference Retreat together. We both felt the attraction we had for each other and started to date once we came home. But after only a few dates we realized we both had different mindsets and parted ways once again. We both just needed to grow up.

Now at this  point I was like “THAT IT IS IT!! I am done with Josh De Ruyter and never want to have anything to do with you again”………..blah blah blah. So I went into my Senior year empowered and determined that I would for once and all, get over Josh, start dating and have fun! It was my Senior year and I still had not had my first kiss. (Yes Josh and I never kissed)

Soon enough I started dating someone who was best friends with my best friend’s boyfriend. Now, let me just sidetrack for one second and say that it is NEVER a good idea to date someone because your best friend is dating that guys best friend and you can all be best friends together……let me just spare you and say that it doesn’t work. It’s fun for like a second but then before you know it, your best friend is off to college and you’re stuck with this dude that you somehow ended up dating for two years. Let’s just say that I did a lot of soul searching and growing up during this time of my life.

Then, I broke loose! After too many months of living a life of mediocrity I was free at last!! (inspirational, motivating, woman empowering song playing in the background) I was a new and empowered woman! I had found myself! I was over guys and was ready to live the single life with my girlfriends! It was going to be the supposedly “best years of my life”. Then, on one Sunday evening I saw Josh….. (record of empowering music screeching to a stop)

Now, to be completely honest with all of you again, I will admit that throughout the time that I was dating this other guy, I still thought about Josh occasionally. But once I had broken up with this other guy, I told myself that I was O-V-E-R Josh and would not spend anymore sleepless nights thinking about him. I was a FREE WOMAN and would go wherever, do whatever, see whoever…….the world was my Oyster.

So back to seeing Josh on that Sunday night: I was minding my own business, living life, having fun with my girls, when out of the corner of my eye I saw him. I distinctly remember seeing him, realizing I saw him, turning the other way and running….then I heard him yell my name. I remember thinking, “NOOOOOOOOOOO he saw me…….”. So I had no other choice but to turn around and walk over to him, keeping myself composed. I said hello, then realized that standing next him was his lovely girlfriend….needless to say it was probably the most AWKWARD run-in that I have ever had with Josh. At the end of the day though it ended up being what ever. I said hello and then got out.

Two weeks later (to the date) I got a text from Josh saying “Hey I’m sorry if that was awkward at church, the other night”. Let me remind you that this was the first text I had gotten from josh in the past three years……..his name was still “Jerk” in my cell phone and I had no idea how to respond to the text. I ran up to my best friends asking “WHAT DO I DO???????” They all looked at me and said, “Kelsey, you are not going to do this to yourself. You are going to tell him that it’s no big deal and then you are going to move on from the whole situation because you don’t care about what he thinks. You’re over him…remember?” Needless to say, after that next text was sent of…”No big deal Josh. I am sorry I made it awkward between you and your girlfriend.”, the rest is history…

After a few days of texting and blowing Josh off a few times, we finally hung out. Then we went on what can be considered as our first date to Chipotle, which turned into to many dates to Chipotle. Flowers came and then our first kiss….it was AMAZING and worth the twelve years of waiting 🙂 Six months later, Josh was down on one knee and then four months later I was walking down the aisle towards him wearing the most beautiful white dress.


From the moment that Josh and I said our vows to each other and walked down the aisle, I knew that my life was truly starting. I am so excited to see where our life together leads and all of the amazing and crazy adventures we will take. Josh is truly my best friend and I could not have asked for a better partner to journey through life with.

He’s my partner in crime, my companion in adventure, my one and only love, and truly my Prince Charming.


If there’s one thing that I can say to all of you brides to be, it’s that your Prince Charming should make you feel AT LEAST like a Princess everyday….if you get lucky enough though, you’ll find one that makes you feel like a queen, like I do everyday. ❤


Au Revoir for now,


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