To New Beginnings….

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So here it is…the journey has begun and we start with the first post of With Grace & Style. Now, being the newbie to this whole blogging world I would probably have preferred that my dearest Crystal would start us off but I get it….you just don’t know till you do it! So here I am….I am doing it….or at least trying…(nervous laugh) So I decided to talk about the first wedding dress you saw, because mine prompted my lifelong dreams and the birth of With Grace & Style..

Wedding dresses are somewhat the focal point of a Bride’s day…it begins when you are first engaged. Once you are engaged, everyone wants to know the date and then all about THE DRESS. What does it look like, do you have pictures, what color is it..they want to know every single detail! I remember! I was a bride not too long ago and believe me, all I cared about was my dress! (Besides the fact that I had my prince charming waiting at the end of the altar…..and my dress… :) ) I didn’t want anyone to touch it, go near it, breathe on it, or even look at it for that matter…it was a sudden case of bridezilla on my part (in which I apologize profusely to everyone that had to deal with me at that moment) But, next to choosing your Prince Charming, choosing your dress is the next big item on your wedding checklist. But I promise…..for you brides that are nervous about finding it….it’s not that hard, because once you see it, you will know. :)

Every little girl remembers the first time that they saw a wedding dress. The bride was decked out with her perfect hair, shining jewelry, her TO DIE for heels (because heels make the dress) and her fabulous ball gown, or princess dress as I called it….she was a real life princess!!! The first time I saw a bride was when I was around seven years old and in the check out line of a Michael’s….she was on the cover of a Bridal Magazine, covered in jewels and wearing a crown. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!! After begging and pleading my mom to buy this fairytale book, she gave in, making my life’s dreams and aspirations begin..

So now we are here..fourteen years later and my childhood dreams are FINALLY coming true.(Happy Dance, Happy Dance) Jumping from one job to another, I have had my experience in many different occupations…….. but I never felt like I was doing what my heart wanted. I knew I wanted to be apart of creating someone’s fairytale day (weddings) I just didn’t know how. (or ever thought that that would ever come true) But after many bags of popcorn and countless reruns of the Wedding Planner I knew that this was my calling! Now I just needed a way to do it…..then came With Grace & Style.

So you’re probably asking yourself, what exactly is With Grace & Style?….Simply put, we are a new wedding/lifestyle brand, with two girls who are pouring out their heart’s passions and dreams! We want to journey with you through your wedding planning, your fairytale wedding day, and your life after! Everyone else may say that you are only a bride once, but in our eyes you are always a bride!

 Here at With Grace & Style, once you are apart of the G&S Family, you are in…for like always! We don’t want to just build business, we want relationships! So stay tuned for fun DIYS, yummy recipes, home decor ideas, and wedding tips…

Cheers to new beginnings and living out childhood dreams!

Au Revoir for now,


Photo by Kelsey De Ruyter 

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